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Real People. Real Results.

JOE SCHMIDT / Former CMO of CafePress & Founder of Canvas on Demand

“If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a bunch of touchy, feely, self-actualization bunk. Well, Dave and the Reset team are surely not that. Though they do help you uncover new and uncommon insights about yourself, it is done in a respectful, rigorous and systematic way.


For me, it was a hard process and one that I needed some cheerleading to get through. Dave did just that when he needed to but he also called me on the mat just as often. More than anything, Reset helped me create clarity about where I’m going and what I want to accomplish in this gift of life.


I’m forever grateful to Dave for taking me through a process I would have NEVER done on my own and becoming a friend who I know I can trust and lean on as I journey ahead. Thanks Dave for creating a process and place for me to ‘reset’.”

JON JORDAN / Founder & CEO Atlantic Bt

“The Reset Agency is an invaluable resource for our leadership– helping us focus and execute during a period of rapid growth and change. I highly recommend Reset as a partner to unlock the full potential in your people and your organization.”

JESSE BOULERICE / Former Carolina Hurricane

“I want to thank Dave Jones with the Reset Agency for taking me through his process. Dave really does unify excellence in the marketplace.


He helped me realize my passions and create my vision around those passions using my personality strengths while at the same time knowing how to avoid letting my tendencies slow my progress towards success.


I would recommend using Dave at any stage of business or life. He will Reset you on your path to greatness!”

PAT TEAGUE / Former NFL Linebacker for Cleveland Browns

“The reset experience was an adventure. I call it an adventure because I took a journey into my heart and soul to evaluate why I do what I do.  Reset tools rekindled the flames in my heart that motivate me to be a designer in the present to build a better tomorrow.


I appreciate the process and the reflection that continues today in my journey to transform negative mindsets, build constructive goals and connect people to build a better community.


I am grateful for the Reset Agency.”

DREW JANES / President of Relentless Media & Defy Products

“When I was introduced to Reset, it seemed as if it was designed specifically for me. I quickly learned what I was truly passionate about and how to develop a PLAN, which was a word I rarely used.


This plan has been my guide and has been a pillar in building a very successful company, launching 3 offices and doubling our staff in less than 2 years.


My reset strategy has helped me pursue my dreams and goals as well as allowing me to pursue my biggest dream of helping others find their greatness.”

DAWN DURNIAK / Owner of Fuddruckers Franchise

“Once I hit the Reset Button it really gave me new life, and it gave me a sense of purpose.”

MYRON BETHEA / Vice President of Sales, Windmaker

“It’s a nice feeling when you wake up in the morning and know exactly what you want to do with your life. It gives you that kind of passion, that kind of energy, that I’ve been waiting for and I’ve been searching for.”

STU EPPERSON / President of The Truth Network

“We didn’t know where the company was going. The Reset Agency gave us a crisp, clear, and laminated statement of our purpose, our mission, and our vision.

These guys helped us get our team together, and helped everyone on our team know our DNA.”


“I have more focus with all my passions – serving the community. I’m able to communicate what I’m here to do, and it’s been great because I don’t have to waste my time doing things that are not necessary for me.”

TROY HENRY / President of PureMix Studios

“The biggest impact for me through this process was just having clarity and being able to have focus and priority and be much more productive in areas that really mattered.”

RICK GREEN / Senior Vice President, Green Grass Unlimited

“My time with Dave Jones clarified and crystallized my purpose and mission in life, allowing me to quit wasting time on “good” projects and instead spend my life in the “sweet spot” of my passion and purpose!”


“Reset is incredible! I have already been talking about this experience with quite a few folks. I am so sorry that for years I have been a part of the same machine that is so prevalent that pumps folks like yourself to be all that you can and achieve your destiny, but leaves you with no direction.


Thank God for Reset! Now, not only is it awesome to know our DNA so we can be a success, we also have a responsibility to walk in this new knowledge.


Resetting is the starting point, now go and become. The doors will open if you are being faithful to the true vision.”

ERNEST JONES / Senior Pastor

“Sure, as a pastor I had a sense of why I was here on earth, but going through the process to put it down on paper was exhilarating.


Then, to finally read my own personal vision statement, lit a fire in my soul for me to, without apologies, go after the reason I was created by God to be alive right now.


Everything I do now is done with a new level of confidence because I know it is what I am supposed to be doing. I no longer wonder about what directions I should be taking.


Everyday is a day of clarity. It is all because I have a personal vision statement.”

DEBBIE VOSBURGH / Entrepreneur

“My heart is full this morning. That’s the only word that I know how to use to describe what I’m feeling…full of hope, full of excitement…very alive – today is kind of like its own little freedom adventure. I love it!


I’m looking forward to more days with a heart full of purpose and destiny. Dave Jones and the iReset Team were wonderful in helping me identify my core passions and developing a personal vision statement to assist me in the course of living out my true purpose.


The plan that we developed together was specific with realistic and attainable goals to help guide me each step of the way. I would have never done this on my own and having their knowledge and support was key to moving forward with pursuing my destiny.


My time spent with them was rich, meaningful and life-changing!”

GENE STRITE / Entrepreneur

“I found my vision. It reset where I wanted to go and how I want to be influential in the second part of my life. None of this would have been possible without Reset.”

RICK HOSTETLER / Vice President, American All-Siding

“For me it means freedom… the freedom to be who I am all the time.”

HALEE JANES / Cofounder, Relentless Media

“Going through Reset has made my daily life and decisions much easier.
Reset uncovered things about me that I didn’t even know about myself, but it was completely obvious after taking the steps through this program.


It’s all about you and discovering what makes you who you are.


Going through iReset was better than any book I ever read or any conference or workshop I had ever been. It gets to the root and its about you, not anyone else’s experience. It’s personal.”

BILL BARRET / Entrepreneur

“I have enough pieces now to move ahead, with confidence, without the fear, knowing that the possibilities are unlimited.”

VISH JETNARAYAN / Founder, Fishers of Men Publishing

“It was really the key for me to find my peace in life. My life will never be the same. I have clarity and purpose now.”

BRIAN HISSONG / VP of Business Development, World Harvest

“What I got was the quickest, most powerful way of coming to the “why” in my life.”

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