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Why Reset?

The Reset Agency helps CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders of organizations develop and execute strategic vision, and build a passion-driven culture. With over 30 years of branding and consulting experience, co-founders Dave Jones and Jason Faber have helped numerous leaders and organizations advance to the next level.


Dave Jones comments, “We hear a lot of talk about the importance of passion and vision, but few of us receive effective guidance on how to implement and communicate it.” Jason Faber adds, “Reset will help transition your culture from one driven by incentives and external motivation to one driven by passion and purpose.”


The Reset Process (R7)™ outlines strategies for increasing significance in both personal and professional life while building a culture driven by passion and focused on vision.

The Reset Process

What defines The Reset Agency is our Reset Process (R7)™ which outlines a proven sequence for increasing significance in one’s personal and professional life. For organizations, it’s about building a culture driven by passion and focused on vision.


Embrace Your DNA as Your Destiny.


A Clearly Written Image of Your Future.


Develop a Strategic Plan of Action.


Build Your Brand Through All Touchpoints.


Reflect on All Steps. Make Adjustments.


Always Move Forward. Never Stop.

Coaching Philosophy

The Reset Agency employs a solution-focused coaching model for helping clients and organizations achieve their vision, mission and core values, to maximize productivity and the bottom line.


Goals and vision are unique to each client and are constructed by the client to create a better future. A lack of clarity regarding client preferences, vision, goals, and desired outcomes can result in a rift between the coach and the client.


During the early phase of coaching, it is important that clients be given the opportunity to express what they want from coaching and what concerns they are willing to explore. From the first contact with clients, and what concerns they are willing to explore, Reset strives to create a climate that will facilitate change and encourage clients to think in terms of a range of possibilities.


Reset focuses on the positive solutions which shrinks the time-table for clients to reorient themselves and the organization in the direction of positive change. We believe that effective decision making creates effective change, which can be temporarily blocked by negative thinking.


We adopt a cooperative stance with clients rather than devising strategies to control resistive patterns. While there are exceptions to every problem or times when the problem was absent, our approach in addressing these exceptions allows us to uncover clues to effective solutions which help clients gain control over what had seemed to be an insurmountable challenge.


Rapid changes are possible when clients identify exceptions to their solutions and begin to organize their thinking around these exceptions instead of around the problem. Our primary philosophy is that clients can be trusted in their intention to solve their problems. We assume clients want to change, can change, and will change under cooperative and empowering coaching conditions.


There are no “right” solutions to specific problems that can be applied to all people and organization, therefore each individual and organization is unique and so, too, is each solution. Reset stresses the importance of creating collaborative coaching relationships. By acknowledging our expertise in creating a context for change, we stress that clients are the experts of their own domains, both professional and personal, and often have a good sense of what has or has not worked in the past and, as well, what might work in the future.


The following three steps characterize the process of Reset’s solution-focused coaching:


Find out what clients want rather than searching for what they do not want.

Do not look for pathology and do not attempt to reduce clients by giving them a diagnostic label. Instead, look for what clients are doing that is already working and encourage them to continue in that direction.

If what clients are doing is not working, encourage them to experiment with doing something different by expanding their awareness broadband.


Reset also believes that behavior is purposeful because it is designed to close the gap between what we want and what we perceive we are getting. Specific behaviors are always generated from this discrepancy. Our behaviors come from within, and thus we chose our own destiny. Reset’s solution-focused coaching assumes a collaborative approach with clients in contrast to the educative stance that is typically associated with most traditional coaching models. If clients are involved in the coaching process from beginning to end, the chances are increased that coaching will be successful.

The Founders

Dave Jones

Dave Jones grew up in Western Pennsylvania. Most of his early childhood and adult life was spent in and out of hockey rinks around the world; playing in cities such as Ottawa, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Kalamazoo, and Grand Rapids. His European professional career involved playing in many countries including Luxemburg, Russia, Slovakia, Switzerland and lastly Germany.


Dave’s hockey career was followed with a four year tour in the Air Force, after which he earned a BS in Management Studies from the University of Maryland, European Division, and at the age of 27, he founded M is Good!, an advertising agency on November 18, 2001. Dave is currently enrolled at California State University pursuing his Doctorate in Organizational Psychology. Dave presently sits on 10 advisory boards and coaches 13 executives per week.


Dave is highly motivated individual who engages the executive leadership team by providing thought-leadership, consulting services, analytics, oversight of talent initiatives and one-on-one coaching. As a sports psychology consultant, he helps key leaders improve the effectiveness of their organizations, using practices such as strategic planning, organizational assessment, and team interventions.


Dave has a passion for excellence and innovation, fueled by his vision to unify excellence in the marketplace.  To date, Dave has helped hundreds of organizations and executives worldwide with their vision, strategy, marketing, and managing the gaps with employees and management. By co-founding The Reset Agency, Dave has created an atmosphere to help leaders and organizations achieve their vision.

Jason Faber

Jason Faber was born and raised in Northeastern New Jersey and went on to graduate with a BS in Business Communications from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In college, Jason was introduced to the World Wide Web by his Mentor, Quentin Schultze which launched his career in Internet technology and marketing. It soon developed his passion for branding.


In 1998, Jason accepted a position with Britt Worldwide (BWW), one of the largest direct selling organizations headquartered in Durham, NC. Jason had the opportunity to work one-on-one with dozens business leaders on their branding and marketing strategies. Six years later at the age of 29, he moved on to partner as Principal and Creative Director of M is Good!, an ad agency located in Research Triangle Park, NC.


Prior to co-founding The Reset Agency, Jason consulted hundreds of clients that span the country and the globe. He has a real passion for working 1-on-1 with individuals in creating brands from their ideas and vision. The Reset Agency has become his platform for helping visionaires transform their brands from the inside out.

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